Intan’s Story

There’s a limit to how far hard work can get you. There’s a limit to how much suffering love can make you take. Intan studied criminology, which means she trained herself to understand the worst in people. She took a bachelor’s degree and graduated with flying colors, then went on to take a post helpingContinue reading “Intan’s Story”


she wears a smileso contagious and charmingthe kind that bears true ofa heart filledwith love and compassionhe took it awaynow wounded,now torn.abuse took her smile awaybut not her soulshe’s beaten,she’s crying,but she’s winning.  out in the stormin a lonely eveningfighting, thrivingfor in tryingshe is winningand in painshe is victoriousfor in silence, she battlesand in pain,Continue reading “Storm”

How Much More?

you lost your voice in the roaring thunder of his growing ego as you lost your consciousness under his vicious hands. how much more of that sound do you need to bear, deaf in the truth of torture and agony? you lost your mind with every scornful tone from the blast of his nasty outrageContinue reading “How Much More?”

In Memory

“In Memory” in memory of the woman who screams silently the secrets of her soul may she rest in peace with her lost words and intimate beauty Coming home should be the safest thing we ever do in this life. Where we lay our heads at night should be where monsters will not reach us.Continue reading “In Memory”