In My Dreams #glisten #writephoto


(For visually challenged writers, the image shows a twilit beach, the sea shimmering in the low light. There are rocky islets silhouetted against the water and what might be a figure, running towards…or away from the waves.)



a sparkling light reflected
upon my dreams
as I chase you down
the crashing tides
the raging waves
my heart keeps racing
as my troubled thoughts
began to settle
upon the sight
of your reflection,
just a reflection
of a memory
for in my sleep
a light glistens
a reality awakens
that you remain
a figment in my dreams
a shadow in the dark
a memory in the past
and never my reality



She is a Woman


She is a Woman

In her silence there lies conviction and in her troubles there emerge a voice

In her will brings forth compassion and in her indictment there lies a protest for choice

And as calm as the sea on a midsummer day, know that big waves are coming in June

Written for kate’s Friday fun-waves

Safe Haven -poem

the spattering and splashing of the waves from the ocean striking and surging every movement

is like a dispute rushing and rustling in my head comes back bigger and greater in every


and as I lay my head unto your chest

I listened carefully to the silent beating of your heart

I am in a placid state, undisturbed, unruffled, waveless

you wrap your zealous arms around me

in a tender whisper you say “hush now my love, keep still”

there, in your loving arms, I found my sweetest and safest haven.




Written for and inspired by:


Inspired by the post and photograph of Gina from Singledust. I left a comment on her comment box and she said i should write a poem about it.