Can You Hear It?

Can You Hear It?

can you hear the pitter-patter sounds
the rapid beats and taps of the ceiling
the mysterious progression as it expounds
into echoes of gunshots swiftly firing?

can you feel as it rumbles the ground
the fleet-footed batter pounding blow
the reverberating blast of noise around
underneath the clamor of the meadow?

can you see how strong and powerful it is
the never-ending sobbing and throbbing
the murmurs and mumbles that never cease
carefully, gently, slowly, and gradually hiding?

no. really? you don't hear a thing, my dear?
oh, maybe it's just my heart wishing you were here.

for David's Weekly Prompt, 

I used prompt no.2 Option #2: Write a Shakespearean Sonnet using iambic pentameter (mine is with some modifications.)

Fly and Smile

Fly and Smile

i pretended i could fly
but i was actually falling from the sky
where limits are beyond my imagination
even beyond my comprehension.

years after, i still fall
for all of the truths i was told
were lies camouflaging as reality bites
tell me i was wrong for believing
it after all.

i pretended i could smile
but i was actually frowning in disguise
for years and years i’ve dealt
with life’s theatrics
and dramatic stint.

years after, i still smile
for all the events i should have cried
maybe then it’s time to let go
of flying and smiling
‘cos all i wanna do is fall harder
and cry louder.



3 am

3 am

i wish i’m not where i am now, wondering

all the stupid crazy bullshit i regret doing

i held on to my pride for so long

i was better off away running

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am.

in the middle of my quiet gilded thoughts

i so wish badly i didn’t have to call it quits

i blame it for being arrogantly full of wits

i wish i had all the world’s courage and guts

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am.

i wish it’s not 3 am, i sure would be

to where you are precisely, i’ll flee

tomorrow as i woke up, i’ll see

the sun beaming full of glee

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am.

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am

damn! i’m dying to be where you are now.

Ambitious Heart

Ambitious Heart


my ambitious heart
will never be tired
of loving you
even when
it gets old and wary
my ambitious heart
forever yours
my baby.


my ambitious heart
will find its way
to wherever
you maybe
even when
the road isn’t easy
my ambitious heart
forever yours
my baby.


my ambitious heart
will always have
a “what ifs”
and “maybes”
in remembrance
of how it all began
that lazy afternoon
my ambitious heart
forever yours
my baby.

for Eugi’s Weekly Challenge



tough should be
my last name
for i was born to be one
i was born under one
tough situation.

tough is what
i have become
over the years
over time.

tougher i believe
i am as i age
as i continue
to navigate life
to win extraordinary
battles and wars.

until you
came along
that i discovered
the toughest
version of me
after you repeatedly
broke me in pieces.

i am at my toughest
now, as i gather myself
together again and
i can’t thank you enough
for making me
the toughest
that i am today.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge:

We have a situation prompt this week

You wake up to discover a completely different, unknown face staring back at you from the mirror.