Your Name

and in the twilight of my lifewhen my world will be partially illuminatedwhere there is neither darkness nor lightall I ever wish to have is that single speckof light, that single spark of joy with youfor I love you from the morn’ of my soul’till the dusk of my breathand I will love you evenContinue reading “Your Name”


you robbed my dreamswhen you murdered my innocence you toppled down my spiritwhen you assasinated my heart so, upon the meadowsI wonder, how many of my dreamshave you robbed?how much of my innocencehave you murdered? and, upon the meadowsI count, on the many ways youtoppled down my spiriton the many times you assasinatedmy bleeding heartContinue reading “Peaceful”

When Words Aren’t Enough

when words aren’t enough,and thoughts don’t completewhat the heart wants,will colors satisfy the need,the need to yearn for more,crave for more, long for more,love more? when words aren’t enough,and thoughts don’t completeI’d paint you, paint youvibrant warm huesof red, orange, yellowcolors of fire, of fall leaves,of sunsets and sunrises ‘cos, baby believe me when IContinue reading “When Words Aren’t Enough”

When Your Miles Away

when you’re miles awaywhat happens in between my day?it sure would be lonesome, as it could ever befor what else there is to smile?  and what else there is to rejoice?I sure would miss you,like the moon misses the nightwhen the sun is up lingering,wandering, watching, teasingas it patiently waits for dusk when you’re milesContinue reading “When Your Miles Away”

Not You, My Love

the gentle tidemay turn intoa raging wave but not you my love, dreamsmay turninto nightmares but not you my love, wounds may hurtand becomelasting scars but not you my love, love may fade awaybut i believeyours won’t no, not yours my love, some may losea battle, go homewounded but not you my love,never really youforContinue reading “Not You, My Love”