The Villain in Your Story

The Villain in Your Story

you are so good at provoking and bringing out
the worst, the ugly, the crappy me.

when i’m bad, i’m really bad and when i’m mad,
i’m really mad.

then, there you are perfectly playing the victim role.

and i, without a doubt become the villain,
the arrogant, the sarcastic, the irrational.

when truth is you pushed me to the edge ‘cos you know this will happen.

when truth is you want this, you want me to be the villain in your story.

you want to make it look like you are being attacked all the time.

i guess you’ve won.

you are so good at provoking and bringing out
the worst, the ugly, the crappy me.

For David’s Weekly Prompt



that mid-afternoon Manila sun
burning down through my soul
that moment you laid
your passionate eyes on me
will forever be kept in my heart
imbedded in my memory’s gallery
with the hope that one day
when our paths intertwined again
you’d choose me
with courage and conviction
with love and devotion
and not because
it is convenient.

for Eugi’s weekly prompt

Common Good

Common Good

a smattering of people
opposes the results
and yet too much
and too many chaos
is sorrounding the event.

is it because the minority
is blinded by the truth
or that the majority
has made the wrong choice?

no hate is intended
just a moment of
reflection and goodwill
for the common good.



it doesn’t have to be roses and chocolates and sparks fly
it doesn’t have to be loud and fabulous and grand standing.

it could be as simple as the humble flying dandelions
it could be as still and steady as the darkest starless night.

it could be an honest conversation of two hearts in perfect sync
it could be a sweet smile and a steady loving gaze in the middle of a crowd.

it could be just simple honest to goodness love
just as how my papa loved my mama dearly.


my guiding light.
my papa’s love.

For Eugi’s

We’ve Never Dated

We’ve Never Dated

can we be together forever and ever under the city nightsky?
we could cuddle together anytime anywhere
we could have popcorns and unlimited coffee over re – runs of “Friends”
we could probably have scared or annoyed our neighbors
for all the noises that we make
for we’ve never dated ever so this is our chance, we make the call.

we could have our friends around over breakfast, lunch and even dinner
let our kitchen be your stage as i could barely make a gorgeous meal
i’d be the proudest to flaunt you prepare dishes we both go crazy about
for we’ve never dated ever so this is our chance, we make the call.

can we just go anywhere take me out or take me somewhere
it doesn’t matter where, for as long as you are with me
celebrating our love that has been kept for so long
for we’ve never dated ever so this is our chance, we make the call.

we could stay up all night laughing at my silly epic jokes
or we could write the most romantic, sappy love story
everyone romantic soul would go crazy wild about
it could be as romantic as Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights”
or as tragic as Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”
for we’ve never dated ever so this is our chance, we make the call.

we could have Valentine’s Day any time or Christmas on a summer day
it doesn’t matter anyway, we could celebrate anniversaries
even if it isn’t our anniversary, who cares for we’ve been deprived
of those for for many years, many summers, and many days
for we’ve never dated ever so this is our chance, we make the call.

take me out or take me home it doesn’t matter where
we’ve never dated ever so this is our chance, we make the call.

for Eugi’s Prompt:

Sublime Love

Day 27 NaPoWriMo

Sublime Love

i miss seeing you making breakfast with a smile
asking me to hold my hunger for a while
with each pancake you make, there’s an unusual story at stake.

i remember you telling me coffee is a must to get through the day fast
with every sip you make words of wisdom you narrate.

you look so charming and brilliant as you read the newspaper daily
and i will never forget,  i am the apple of your eyes, you always say.

i wanna come home to a sweet afternoon nutella sandwich snacks
with you leaving post it notes on our front door with “i love you, dinner is on the table”.

i wanna hear you again hum your favorite  songs as you try to make sense with my Art projects all along.
i wanna be swooned by how your eyes glow by the mere mention of a lovestory so true.

and i am the luckiest i get your purest most sublime love
not motivated by necessity, not conditioned by self – interest, even by DNA.

it’s been over a decade dad, and i hope you could hear me when i say
i wish you had stayed longer, for i sure need you right now.

for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt:



there is nothing i can do when my mind
is going crazy torrid
heated, burning like a hot mid summer day
there is nothing i can do when my heart
is going crazy wild
running faster than the wind could blow
a dandelion away
and it’s all because of you
of your thoughtless, unfeeling consideration
of matters around
so don’t you ever wonder baby
if one day
i become a wildfire;
unstoppable, unyeilding
bouyant, rebellious
for now i can only hope that
a few more dew drops could settle
the growing fire in my heart
i hope
i pray
before it even burn you.

for Eugi’s Prompt


Home (A Haibun with a twist)

The silence is so deafening, close to impossible to hear even a whisper. My heart is pounding so hard. So hard I could feel the beating right out of my chest. I couldn’t be wrong. The stillness of the  night brings a different feeling of nostalgia. I could cry. I could wail. It’s making me crazy worried. I knew I have been here. I knew it. I feel it. But why? I feel the wind blowing softly yet strangely. And where is everyone? Anybody home?

is the night eerie?
am i suppose to be here?
stange and frightening

For Eugi’s weekly prompt

Your Name

and in the twilight of my life
when my world will be partially illuminated
where there is neither darkness nor light
all I ever wish to have is that single speck
of light, that single spark of joy with you
for I love you from the morn’ of my soul
’till the dusk of my breath
and I will love you even more
in the midnight of my being
when the whole world is in perfect silence
my heart screams loudly
of your name like it’s the last
word I am gonna utter
your name and yours alone


you robbed my dreams
when you murdered my innocence

you toppled down my spirit
when you assasinated my heart


upon the meadows
I wonder, how many of my dreams
have you robbed?
how much of my innocence
have you murdered?


upon the meadows
I count, on the many ways you
toppled down my spirit
on the many times you assasinated
my bleeding heart


upon the meadows
I thank, I thank God
for gifting me with resilience,
forgiveness, and perseverance

that no matter how many
dreams you have stolen from me
how many times you murdered my innocence
how many moments, you toppled down my spirit


no matter how many occasions you assassinated my ailing heart
I stand firm and graceful
strong and triumphant

just like the meadows, complete with sparkling grassland


For Eugi’s Prompt – Meadows