I’m a flicker, a flicker of lightmoving quickly, rapidlyshining brightly I come as a newly lit lampin a calm evening as loverscelebrate love I’m a flicker, a flicker of lightteasing the night, joyfullyshimmering splendidly I come as a steady gleamsoothing your thoughtslike lovers do I’m a flicker, a flicker of lightdying, slowly, graduallylike lovers doContinue reading “Flicker”

New Colors – A Shardoma

New Colors – A Shardoma new colorsflashing in my lifesince the dayI vow tolove you, for better or worseyou will be, my life I seal theewith a loving kissto have you and holdin my arms, forever bemy love, my dearest I am yoursI swear, I will become what mayI promisecome heavy rain or sunshineI willContinue reading “New Colors – A Shardoma”

Never Let Me Go

oh, how I long for days and nightswhen the world was kind, when birds sang melodious hymns of nature in perfectharmony, with the towering trees and perfect hues of stunning verdant hills so, come hold my hand and let’s take a walk, a walk back in time oh, how I long for days and nightsofContinue reading “Never Let Me Go”

Your Glaring Eyes

    I wonder what is behind behind your glaring eyesare you a friend or are you a foe?‘cos I really don’t know I wonder what is behindbehind your glaring eyesare you cunning or simply shrewd?or maybe misunderstood I wonder what is behindbehind your glaring eyesif they’re the window to your soulthen I’m scared, scaredContinue reading “Your Glaring Eyes”

I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Know

nothing beats the painof you leavingand me grievingwithout knowing whywhy? because you leftyou simply walked awayno wordsno goodbyesnothing at alland it hurtsi wanted to curse youhate you, and be mad at youdamn it! didn’t i deserve to know?didn’t i deserve to walk you through,all through the days of your painof your agony and of yourContinue reading “I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Know”

My Publication Journey

Fairy tales in childhood are stepping stones throughout life, leading the way through trouble and trial. The value of fairy tales lies not in a brief literary escape from reality but in the gift of hope that goodness truly is more powerful than evil and that even the darkest reality can lead to a HappilyContinue reading “My Publication Journey”

Will You Go With Me, To Paris?

Will You Go With Me, To Paris? will you take my handas I walk along the streetswhere the aroma of light,fruity to burnt coffeelightly caramelizedalmost nutty is teasingmy senses and the scentof a handmade breadis making me salivateas I tear the croissant into piecesbutter them up before each biteor we can dunk it in coffeewhichContinue reading “Will You Go With Me, To Paris?”

My Flowers Came Too Late

My Flowers Came Too Late I was sixteen whenyou first gave me flowers’twas beautiful, to say the leastthey were white roses,so innocent, so pure,I danced and swayed my wayas I paraded them over for all to seetheir heavenly fragranceinvited everyoneto smell,their long green stemswere as fragile as glass,or so I thoughtI was on cloud nine,IContinue reading “My Flowers Came Too Late”

How Do We Start Over?

How Do We Start Over? it’s quite odd though that at some pointour lives, our world and everything that we doevolve around and depend uponthe love of our life, or so we thought but what happenwhat could possibly happenwhen the very reasonwe existthe very core of our beingbecomes inevitablythe single sole reasonwe are losing ourselvesContinue reading “How Do We Start Over?”