Vessels of Love

we fell in love when snail mails were all that we ever got couple it with roses and chocolates, makes love so endearing, so sweet so charming, so honest so pure, so passionate we fell in love when snail mails were all that we ever got sent through the post office or via a goodContinue reading “Vessels of Love”

Against The Dazzling Sunset

2020 is the year many would want to forget. Pandemic has made it the most horrible year ever, they say. I say, 2020 is the year I was reminded of the marvels of love. I was reminded of the wonders of friendship. I was reminded of the spectacles of beautiful memories and most importantly, itContinue reading “Against The Dazzling Sunset”

I Wonder

I wonder if we ever get to beborn back in the ’50swill you adore me in myhour-glass silhouette,softly rounded shoulders,nipped-in waist and voluminous skirts,feeling like a princess?will you ask me out for a dateand proudly bring meto a local ice cream shopshare a giant banana splitwith lashings of creamswimming in hot fudge saucethen we canContinue reading “I Wonder”

I Was Never A Hopeless Romantic

“I swear I was never a hopeless romantic, to begin with, but I prepared all these for you, my love “ I was never in love with romantic love poems I was never a love poet myself I wrote ’bout life and its intricacies about dreams and ambitions and endless possibilities I wrote ’bout politicsContinue reading “I Was Never A Hopeless Romantic”

Colors and Beyond

what if colors don’t define an emotion or a feeling?will there be love versus hatred? or joy versus sadness?or even success versus failure? what if black is simply black and doesn’t mean a thing?will there be a clamor for unity and equality?what if white is simply white and doesn’t mean a thing?will there be superiorsContinue reading “Colors and Beyond”

I Remember You

  ’twas not so long agoI came to know youover exchange ofsmall talks and “hi” and “hello”how long has it been?I can’t even remember thenbut I remember you in dayswhen I’ve run out of things to doand my muse is in an ultimate unannounced breakI remember you over galleries of photographsand stunning images of people,Continue reading “I Remember You”

How Much More?

you lost your voice in the roaring thunder of his growing ego as you lost your consciousness under his vicious hands. how much more of that sound do you need to bear, deaf in the truth of torture and agony? you lost your mind with every scornful tone from the blast of his nasty outrageContinue reading “How Much More?”


eight months in isolationeight monthsand still countingit wasn’t easynever easy at all’twas scary’twas blurryit felt like standing on the edgeyou have no way to gono chance to runno place to hideno one to lean onand you are leftwith no one and nothingnothingbut the edgeso you learn to keep stillkeep stillamidst chaos and turmoilall through theContinue reading “Still”