I took a much needed drive
drive to nowhere,
nothing just drive
to unleash, to unravel
or maybe to find answers
to many questions I so long
struggle to acknowledge
or maybe to stumble upon
an answer to my soul’s dilemma

ah this drive, oh, this drive
if this could take me
to where you are,
exactly at the moment
my heart fully bleeds for you
my soul truly sought for you
I’d gladly take
the extra mile

‘cos baby it’s lonely
out here

For Sadje’s WDYS

Jco, the Mighty

Jco, that’s how we call you
named after the famous
soft and fluffy almost cake-like
donut we fell in love with;
friends and relatives
argue about their safety around you,
you are compactly-built,
muscular, fast, and powerful,
standing between 26 to 29 inches
at the shoulder
your body is sleek but substantial,
and is covered with a glistening
golden brown hue
they are scared of you,
if they only knew how kind
and sweet and adorable you are,
they’d love you too
I swear

you won’t eat without me
by your side
and now that we are apart,
oceans apart
I know you have learned
to eat by yourself but that 
makes me really sad

you outlived Maggi our pomeranian
and Otaku our mini pinscher
the passing of those two cute furries
I witnessed you cry
you had sleepless nights
when Otaku died
so we decided to get you
someone your kind
Macky arrived at your delight
you were energetic and lively again
but little did we realize
that you are such a spoiler big brother
gone are those days when
you wanted to be fed first
and gone are those days when
you wanted your place to get cleaned first
even in your daily bath, you wanted Macky to be the first

Now, you are aging…
you no longer run as fast
as you used to…
nor jump high as you always do…
and I don’t know what to write next…
my heart is bleeding…
just by the thought of it…

For Sadje’s WDY

I am reminded of my beloved dobberman JCO who passed away months ago.


I’ve traveled to many places
wondered and wandered
over life, love
and “what could have been’s”
I was once lost


lost in the wilderness
lost in the crowd
lost in my own pursuits
of “happily -ever- after”
of “dreams-do-come-true”


somewhere along the way
I was stuck, stuck and couldn’t
find my way, navigating was harder than ever
re-routing maybe the only way, but even then
road blocks were heavier, mightier than
any of my will power


somewhere in between
heavy rains and clouded skies,
beyond the horizon just beneath the rainbow
where they say a pot of gold rests, where no man
has ever ventured, I found, not a pot of gold

but, you

and, together we got lost
over gentle kisses and sweet embraces
over smiles and sighs and reliefs
over pieces of thoughtful memories
over love and dreams and plans

oh babe

let’s be lost together, forever
in love, for it is the best gift ever

for Sadje’s WDYS

A Million Cry

there are over a million cries in my head
a million over tears withheld
a million more sighs left unsaid
I could cry
I could scream
I could let it all out
for the world to hear
for everyone to know
that I died, I died a million deaths
over a million more times
I agonized, in pain,
in silence
I didn’t
I’d rather not
better not
I was weeping in silence
I was wailing in deep solitude
I was grieving in tranquility
I kept quiet
I kept still
until you

for Sadje’s WDY




To Have Or Not To Have

To Have Or Not To Have

it’s been years and years
and I can’t even recall when
little Yana started begging for you
to have you and to hold
in our humble household


mama the stubborn one
never bothered to have one
fear of so many myths ’bout you
clouded her judgment
to have or not to have


looking at you pretty
and cute and adorable as always
in Chris’ IG feed, makes me wonder
is it time maybe?
to have a Luna around
for little Yana,
who is not so little anymore?


Little Yana – my third daughter who’s been begging for a cat ever since

Luna – Chri’s ( adorable cat, follow her on IG to see more of Luna

For Sadje’s WDY

Two Poems

Poem #1 – Alone and Lonely

alone and lonely, that has become of you

tired and desolate, after a life so great

a life of wonderful glorious moments

and magnificent past

in old age, you  look back of

what went wrong, and what have

you missed, so, upon this bench

you recollect, the good and the bad;

the best and the worst

 “is it too late, to start over?”

is all that you can ponder

hold on to the good

and let go of the bad

remember the best

and forget the worst

for in life it’s never too, too late

to start over, over again

so, upon this bench you reminisce

only the good, and only the best

and upon this bench you promise

you promise to never,

old age bring you down

Poem #2 – Death

sing me no sad song my dear

cry me no tears,

fear no more



hum me a melody, a melody

I so long to hear,

and remember, remember me

upon this bench,

this park

I vowed, I promised

with your song as the witness

your melody as our guest

and your instrument as our company

to love you and to hold

‘till death do us part


oh, death indeed

torn us apart

For Sadje’s WDY


I started with just one poem (poem #1 – Alone and Lonely) and when I was about to hit “publish” my romantic muse just got my way, and another poem was conceived (poem #2 – Death)

Which one is your favorite?

Promises And Tales

tell me, dear, tell me more
of the promises and tales, we once made
of how we’ve created a world
a world full of touches of laughter beyond tears
a world full of joys beyond sadness
and a world, where it only begins and ends
with a loving thought for each other

tell me, dear, tell me more
of the promises and tales, we once made
while we walk along the highways
and crossroads, in between random stories
and out-of – this world arguments
where we agreed that we don’t always agree, but we settled to end
with a smile and a silent scream for love

tell me, dear, tell me more
of the promises and tales, we once made
in between long drives, watching sunsets and boulevards, where the world is endless
and with you, dreams don’t have limits
and hopes are full of possibilities
and love, oh, love makes me breathless


sit beside me now,
let’s watch together the sun triumphantly appears over a clouded sky


tell me, dear, tell me more
of the promises and tales
we once made

hold my hand
never let go

this time


for Sadje’s WDY

Hands Together, Forever

to see the world from above
is like seeing it for the first time
as a view from the top
is always and forever will be
the most amazing,
the most rewarding
hope- filled view
one can ever have

to be on top,
on top of your game
on top of your career
is like conquering the world
for the first time, it is
always and forever will be
the most amazing,
the most rewarding
ecstatic feeling
one can ever have

to see the world from above
and to be on top of everything
maybe amazing and rewarding
but, my love, nothing beats the feeling
of peacefully sitting, with your arms
wrap around my body
giving me warmth,
comfort and solitude

so, my love,
take me anywhere,
let’s venture the world together
take on greater heights
view the world from above

and together

with our love

let’s tell the world of our love
and, conquer it with great joy and pride

hands together,

For Sadje’s WDY


what happens behind closed doors?
what transpires behind curtained windows?
what is hidden inside gate 28- 5?

sometimes, closed doors are all that we need
to protect, to hide, to conceal
ourselves, from the harsh reality
of the life outside

sometimes, curtained windows are all that we need
to peep, to glance, to see, and to look
at the truth, the truth we once ignored

what is inside gate 28-5?
no one knows, no one can tell
no one dared to discover

ready or not
I’ll go in
take the plunge
find out

enough with closed doors
enough with curtained windows


for Sadje’s WDY

Ode To The Sphinx in the Desert of Ghiza

Ode To The Sphinx in the Desert of Ghiza

you are seated on deserted land
in solitude, in peace, in serenity
where the sun just peeked over the horizon to the east, and the heat was just enough for us to witness you almost smile

but, I wonder
(as always)

what lies beneath your glorious structure?
what story is hidden underneath your feet?

is it worth the value of human life and human endeavor, to unearth your hidden
gem, your hidden story?

you are seated on deserted land,
so quiet, so steady, so calm
where the moon hung well above the horizon at night, and the air was chilly enough for us to see you almost breath

but, again, I wonder
(as always)

why do we bother you, anyway?
or do you even like it too?