On Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Milton, Frost and You

You are the love of my life and the poetry I write–Michelle   Day 14 NaPoWriMo Today’s prompt asks you, to think about your own inspirations and forebears (whether literary or otherwise).     William Shakespeare tops my list of my most adored and favored poet with “Sonnet 18”, I dearly cherished better than aContinue reading “On Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Milton, Frost and You”

My No -Non sense Love Poem

Day 9 NaPoWriMo Our prompt for the day is inspired by Kaschock’s use of space to organize her poems. Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a “concrete” poem – a poem in which the lines and words are organized to take a shape that reflects in some way the theme of the poem.Continue reading “My No -Non sense Love Poem”

Mi Amor – a sonnet

I will soar higher, faster anywhere Craving to achieve my desired  result I can go astray and be lost somewhere Ascending in great vertical extent Let me journey through beyond the rainbow And witness a pot of gold at the end With thee my fervor hope and zeal I vow To advance and never everContinue reading “Mi Amor – a sonnet”

Wedding Vow

One of my college students whom I have never seen for quite a while invited me to be a part of her entourage for her wedding day… I’ve always been fascinated by weddings and the joy that it brings to two people in love who wanted to spend the rest of their lives together… ItContinue reading “Wedding Vow”