My Story

My Story

if you know my story
you’d be amazed
for mine is the
modern account
of an era where women
are regarded as the weakest
human version
mine represents
the zeitgeist of the
unfortunate era for women
an era when if a woman speaks
her mind she is stubborn
she is selfish
she is arrogant.

if you know my story, you’d either
hate me or love me
hate me for not standing up
for myself or love me for being
the most resilient patient
woman, you’d probably
encountered this age.

however, you take it
i guarantee you
i am well aware of
my rights, my dispositions
my priveledges and i will
fight the moment
i am least expected to

that’s who i am strong
determined empowered
but resilient and patient
most importantly
i never rage a war
without a game plan
so if you think
i am weak, and you can
just step on me; hold on, dear
and be afraid for war usually
begins at the  break of dawn
when the world is in complete
halt and silence.

this is my story
and it could be
story too.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge

After Rain Skies (Top 1k paperback best seller)

poetrybymich 💥💫💛🙏🙏 with over a million books published and sold everyday by Amazon.Com, YOU my dear friends and poets chose to believe in my CAUSE and in my VOICE by buying the second edition of “After Rain Skies” making it in the TOP 1k PAPERBACK BEST SELLER….

THANK YOU is not enough, but allow me to thank y’all still.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you and to my Filipino readers, Maraming Salamat.

To India, my 2nd  poetic home forever grateful for embracing me as your own.

To my creative team Manila; Norj, Nicole, Jalline and Tiff maraming salamt.

To Perak Women for Women Society, thank you

To Paul and Jo; Leny and Anthony, Ms. Nancy, Ms. Sumathi, Ms. Yip who wrote the beautiful foreword, thank you so much.

To Penzone pub, along with Aditya and Shalvi thank you.

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New Book Update

poetrybymich 💫💥💛 happy weekend dear friends and poets

💢”After Rain Skies” is now available for pre – order as ebook copy via  Kobo.Com💢

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Stars Fled from Your Eyes

 stars fled from your eyes
and the shadow of death
cast upon your face
on this dark gloomy night
filled with goodbyes
and unending sighs
of a once-promising life

stars fled from your eyes
and you stop dreaming
of what could have been’s
and what if’s
a future you may never see
for it has become so bleak
and gloomy

stars fled from your eyes
and it may never come back
unless you take the courage
to speak up
seek for help
and maybe, just maybe
start anew

stars fled from your eyes, but you’re not done yet

P.S  “After Rain Skies – Second Edition” – a portion of my royalty fee for this book will go to Perak Women for Women Society. An NGO that helps and supports victims of abuse and violence. Your purchase of the book will help a woman in need of shelter, suport and therapy.

After Rain Skies (ebook available for pre -order)

poetrybymich 💥💫💛  “After Rain Skies” is now available for pre – order as ebook copy via  Kobo.Com
Link in my bio or you can just click this:

Kindle file and paperback copy will be available via Amazon -March 8, 2022

“After Rain Skies (second edition)” is a compilation of true and inspiring stories of abuse and violence in prose and poetry. This edition will open our minds and hearts to the heartbreaking realities of the culture of sexual abuse, happening to women all over the world. This may even surprise you, as I ventured out into exposing stories of perpetrators who are kind, smart and successful –not your usual “bad kind of guy”.  Which leads me to say, not all who is good and kind is righteous and compassionate. Sometimes, evil just lurk around waiting for the time to be unleashed. Sometime too, the face of an evil is “beautiful”, not your usual “evil kind of guy – with burning red eyes face”. So, girls watch out. Evil could be just around, sitting right next to you camouflaging as your best friend, your uncle, your classmate, your neighbor or worst your supposed “beloved”. The stories in this edition will help girls and women to spot possible perpetrators and to see the possible “red flags” at any given situation.

Sexual abuse was the only form of violence I refused to include in the first book. Why? Listening to my subjects’ telling their stories was heartbreaking. It broke me, honestly. I couldn’t find the courage to write it then, because writing it and retelling their stories would mean going through the broken feeling again. So, I chose not to write. I chose not to include it. I wasn’t prepared.

P.S  “After Rain Skies – Second Edition” – a portion of my royalty fee for this book will go to Perak Women for Women Society. An NGO that helps and supports victims of abuse and violence. Your purchase of the book will help a woman in need of shelter, suport and therapy.

After Rain Skies – Second Edition

poetrybymich 😔💔Women have the right to live free from violence. Let your voice be heard

Join me and the rest of the world in spreading awareness and putting an end to the culture of abuse and violence

💢”After Rain Skies – Second Edition”💢
       releasing March 8, 2022

I would like to say “THANK YOU” to Ms. Yip Siew Keen, Ms. Sumathi Sivamaby, Anthony and Ma. Leni Sanchez,  Paul and Jocelyn Almedilla, and Ms. Nancy Baltazar for writing the foreword.

“I am forever grateful to all of you”🙏

It was a random trip to Ipoh, Perak Malaysia along its iconic Concubine Lane that led me to this wonderful journey of writing prose and poetry on abuse and violence. I saw a small shop decorated with colorful stars all over. I went inside the shop to check out what was so special inside. I learned that it is a shop run by PERAK WOMEN FOR WOMEN SOCIETY, a non – governmental organization that helps and supports victims of abuse and violence. It was during this time (2019) when they were advertising their ONE MILLION STAR TO END VIOLENCE campaign advocacy. I was so moved by their efforts that upon arriving home I began writing and posting poems on abuse and violence urging my fellow writers/bloggers/poets to help me help PWWS reach their ONE-MILLIONTH star. The response was overwhelming. I received hundreds of emails from women all over the world sharing their own stories of abuse and violence. I responded to each and every email at first. I was already in touch with Ms. Yip then (one of the founders of PWWS). We realized that we could do more than just answering to their letters and provide them with comforting words.

I realized that with our voice, our passion it is very possible to rally a community to take notice and start to defend, help, and understand our friends, neighbors, co-workers, sisters, relatives, and everyone around us who are suffering from abuse and violence who do not know how to defend themselves and who actually do not know who to trust and most importantly whose voices are being silenced by fear, by hurt, and by hopelessness.

So, thus the first edition of “After Rain Skies” was born in 2019.

Cases of abuse and violence increased over the years, especially with the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic. Covid 19 forced women to stay at home and thus, made them more vulnerable to abuse and violence.

“After Rain Skies –Second Edition” is another compilation of true and inspiring stories of abuse and violence in prose and poetry. This edition includes a very sensitive topic/issue of sexual abuse or most commonly known as rape. I refused to include this in the first edition because the stories at hand at that time were so heartbreaking that I could not even finish one piece without crying. This time amidst my tears and broken heartedness, I managed to finish writing it. After all, if I will not do it now – when?

My action, my voice, the work of PWWS, and your eagerness to help are just a little light of hope in a very dark world today; but one thing for sure, this will spark hope.

Together, we can actually put an end to the culture of abuse and violence.

Silent War (After Rain Skies, Second Edition)

Silent War

No one doubts that you’re in pain when you’re walking around bleeding. You’re lucky, if someone believes you’re hurt, without you having to forcibly cut off an arm.

Naira was fine. She was perfect. There wasn’t a scratch on her. She was just about to throw herself off the top of a high-rise, that was all. And what was so special about that?

Everyone had problems. Anyone who thought their problems deserved attention just wasn’t trying hard enough to solve them. Right?

War was hard. Poverty was hard. Going out to break you’re back trying to make money was hard. But when war is at the doorstep, what do you expect to do?” Stand still and be quiet?

Marriage? You couldn’t possibly be complaining about being married. You wanted to be married, didn’t you? Learning your partner’s personality, his tendencies, his flaws. That was your responsibility, wasn’t it?

No one asks for international tensions. No one leaves his mother’s womb asking Allah to make him poor. But you, you made a choice, gave a vow. It was a commitment no one forced you into. You deal with it.

He never even hit you. Why are you unhappy? Others have it worse, Naira. Other women get new bruises every day. Do you see them leaving their husbands? That’s right.

You deal with the yelling. And the things he says. In front of your parents, in front of your brothers and sisters, in front of your co-workers. What was the worst they could do anyway? They were just words.

See, you’re fine. Naira, you’re perfect. Not a scratch on you. In all of ten years, not a bruise on you. And—

You’re tired. And that’s okay. You did everything you could.

It’s time to make yourself well.

All relationships lie somewhere in the middle of healthy and unhealthy at any given time. That’s why it’s important to identify the patterns and behaviors of our own relationships. Because relationships that visit the unhealthy area one too many instances tend to like to stay there.

For Reena’s

“After Rain Skies” (a compilation of true and inspiring stories of abuse and violence) will be out in all platforms worldwide on MARCH 8, 2022.

After Rain Skies (second edition)

poetrybymich 🥺Women have the right to live free from violence. Let your voice be heard

💛After Rain Skies (second edition) – Releasing March 8, 2022) 💛

Kayla would have been just a manufactured memory to her family, friends, and children, had she not taken the courage to walk away from her abusive husband.

 She found out she could leave only after he tried to kill her.

Let there be no more Kayla, let every woman live a life they deserve.

Together let us join the rest of the world in celebrating the hero in every woman, this MARCH 2022

Yes! There’s no place for complacency.

 Sadly though none of us will probably witness the end of the culture of violence in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children.

 But, we can all play a part.

Women have the right to live free from violence.

Let your voice be heard



everything about her is a lie
starting off with her big charming smile
down to her notorious strong profile
and her perfectly empowered life.

everything about her is a lie
she covered it with her sweetest glow
hiding all the pains of being beaten so low
of silently wanting to scream out loud.

everything about her is a lie
she had to make a false show
a pretense for everyone to know
that she is better than being okay.

everything about her is a lie
and maybe one day she’ll
learn to figure out the hell
she is trapped with for long.


Today’s story is from my first book “After – Rain Skies” available via KOBO.COm

The thing about not giving back the pain you received, though, was, if you didn’t have a place to put it, you just carried it around with you.

Yasmin had nowhere to put all the guilt and paranoia she harbored by herself as a child growing up in a house where every day was a fight that felt like her fault, so she left it when she was 19, because she’d reached the limit of what pain she could carry and if she had to endure any more, the pressure would have ended her.

Her grandparents sent her to school, where she Yasmin harnessed her feelings and turned them into the motivation to survive. Constantly, she felt afraid that her father would come find her, and make her pay for ever believing she deserved a better life.

But the fear only made her run faster, and work harder, and aim to get as far away from where she used to be as possible. The fear propelled her to excellence. She got a bachelor’s degree, then a master’s, then a doctorate.

She suffered the occasional meltdown like everybody else, but lived to be 65, and successful, and carried within her the pride of having enough space in her heart to carry, beside the old pains, love and courage and integrity.