Women In The Outbreak Of A Global Pandemic (Part 2 – IWD 2021)

The Perak Women for Women Society has played a vital role in shaping and molding the well-being of girls and women around Perak ( and in as far as their advocacy can reach). With the outbreak of a global pandemic, PWW once again proved to the people of Perak (Malaysia), that they are truly capableContinue reading “Women In The Outbreak Of A Global Pandemic (Part 2 – IWD 2021)”

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Aisha was the wife of a man who disappeared not long after their marriage. In his place came a husband who thought always hurting the woman he had promised to care for was the best way to be one. By the time they had a son, Aisha had to give up waiting for the personContinue reading “Let Your Voice Be Heard”

Women In The Outbreak Of A Global Pandemic (Part 1)

be magnificent be beautiful be bold like the Taj Mahal love live longer, forever like the Taj Mahal inspire encourage motivate, persuade like the Taj Mahal The United Nation’s acknowledge and celebrate the role of women and girls around the world in creating a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Most healthContinue reading “Women In The Outbreak Of A Global Pandemic (Part 1)”

How Much More?

you lost your voice in the roaring thunder of his growing ego as you lost your consciousness under his vicious hands. how much more of that sound do you need to bear, deaf in the truth of torture and agony? you lost your mind with every scornful tone from the blast of his nasty outrageContinue reading “How Much More?”