To All The Prompts I Love (With a Dash of Covid on Top)

Day 25 NaPoWriMo

Because it’s a Saturday, I have an (optional) prompt for you that takes a little time to work through — although you can certainly take short-cuts through it, if you like! The prompt, which you can find in its entirety here, was developed by the poet and teacher Hoa Nguyen, who asks you to use a long poem by James Schuyler as a guidepost for your poem. (You may remember James Schuyler from our poetry resource for Day 2.) This is a prompt that allows you to sink deeply into another poet’s work, as well as your own.


My phone vibrates as it usually does first wake up call at bay
Morning sunlight giving the first strong rays of the day
The first “good morning” came in along with my sip of coffee blend
Damn! it’s actually hot, “oh, dear Cappucino are you a foe or a friend?”
My dearest phone is at its prime, in the morning
Another message just in “how are you with COVID coping?”
How do we suppose to answer such a question without knowing?
“How are you?” an old friend pops in with strings of messages
“You surprise me” I butt in, “how long has it been?”, I’m speechless
Strings of conversations go on  and on
Until one says “be back when I am done”
Opps, I almost forget about my coffee on the tabletop
Damn, now it’s cold I just need to make a new cup
Another cup, another stop of what’s supposed to be
This morning I have so much to do, I will be busy as a bee
It’s day twenty  -five for NaPoWriMo and the prompt is making me crazy
Rhyming words alone is insane much more having prompts daily
I don’t know what’s with me on that April fool’s day
I write my first poem to commence, I say
My first attempt on the annual “30 days, 30 poems”, I am competitive
A challenge for the brilliant and smart, or just simply creative
“What do you see?” by the lovely Sadje is another prompt
That’s every Monday I stop by and make a duet as I stomp
Calmkate’s Friday fun is witty and indeed fun to  write
That is every Friday, ‘though time zone difference is at sight
Maria, Jade, and Rosema are three brilliant
Instagram is making a cross over through these poets
Truth must I tell, fun in writing challenges is nothing
In comparison to the lessons and discoveries, I am learning
I am on my second cup and yet again, no longer hot
As I want my coffee to be, but write I must or I’ll forget
What my heart and thoughts say, I don’t want to skip
For every challenge, I write is every bleeding pain I keep
These and many more are just distractions of the real score
That my daily grind appears worse than anything in store
As COVID 19 worsen everywhere around the globe
Whatever happens to the world we so long dearly love?
Another point to ponder as I scribble with my pen I wonder
When will this ever end, and be in loving arms with each other?



I mentioned the following:

Jade of

Rosema of

Maria of
Calmkate of Kates Friday fun -sailing
Sadje of

Moonlight Slow Dance


eyes met
we gazed longer


as yours too


song playing
sweetly as ever


dimly lit
fitful silvery moonlight


hold hands
and slow dance



feels like
moonlight slow dance



The poetic form used is hay(na)ku consists of a three-line stanza, where the first line has one word, the second line has two words, and the third line has three words.

World of Words prompt, which is a beautiful Bengali word “জোছনা” (jochona) meaning moonlight.
Hosted by Jade of
Rosema of Maria of

Linking to Kates Friday fun -sailing

(parasailing; Bali, December 2019)

Summer Rain


every drop of the rain is every bit of my pain

You held my hand tight
As you bid goodbye
It was hard
It was insane…

You kissed me softly
with a wimping cry
It froze my mind
It broke my heart…

You strained me in your embrace
clasped me in your arms
It pricked me
It stung me…

Then it rained on a summer afternoon

This is an old poem i wrote  years ago in memory of my beloved papa who passed away that summer.

I am reposting it for this week’s World of Words prompt: বৃষ্টি, which is a Bengali word that means “rain”.

Every week, Rosemarie (of A Reading Writer), Maria (of Doodle Scribbles), and Jade of will post a word from a different country in the world.

Longing for You

‘Twas like nightmares
trying to scream
and nothing comes out
no matter how hard
you try

‘Twas like drowning
to breath
and you can’t
simply can’t

‘Twas like missing a step
your foot is suspended
in air, you know
it should felt
solid ground

but you
have no idea
what’s happening
if you ever feel the solid ground again
or you’ll just fall forever
longing just to be near you feels like that

(my soul is an empty road without you)


This week’s World of Words prompt, “kahidlaw”, a Bisaya word which means “deep longing”.
Every week, Rosemarie (of A Reading Writer), Maria (of Doodle Scribbles), and Jade will post a word from a different country. world.
The current virus scare has left most of us locked down at home. But sadly, it has also left some families apart too.

Most of us if not all miss home; but most of those at home miss the world outside.

Sending more love guys 💗💗💗

What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?

What if snowflakes don’t fall in winter?
and fresh buds don’t bloom in spring?
or summer doesn’t need sunshine?
nor leaves don’t fall in autumn?

Will you remember how we used to be?

the love we shared gently
like snowflakes falling smoothly in winter out of thin air unannounced, unnoticed
unspoken yet blissful

the dreams we dream, hope we hope
like spring awakening the earth
bringing heaps of sunshine after
the cold, gloomy winter

the waves of laughter we gave out
like sunshine on a summer day
rhyming along as the birds singing
passionately hot, vibrant and crisp

the memories we created
like leaves falling flawlessly in the autumn breeze, with cooling temperatures and darkening nights

What if snowflakes don’t fall in winter?
and fresh buds don’t bloom in spring?
or summer doesn’t need sunshine?
nor leaves don’t fall in autumn?

Will you still love me tenderly?




(when blue is bluer and cold is colder, but love is lovelier)


Sending more love guys as more territories implemented rigid travel bans and lockdowns.❤❤❤

Linking to this week’s World of Words prompt, Chinese words: 雪 (xuĕ), which means “snow”.
Hosted by the lovely ladies Jade, Rosema, and Maria




I wondered sweetly
on a lazy sunny afternoon
as you lay
in my bed with a smile
and eyes closed for a while
I could kiss you and feel
the touch of your lips on mine
but dreaded the thought
of waking you up to my dear
so I slowly caress your face
and feel the warmth of your skin
unto the palm of my hand



Did I ever get the chance  to tell you, how lovely you look that day
and would it be too late to say
that I loved you then
and love you now?


I wondered if I ever get to hold you
in my arms so close
and listen to your heartbeats
in the same rhythm as mine
I watched you breath slowly
as your body moves 
in a manner so gentle and smooth
and many times I was tempted
to steal a kiss from you that day
but baby, I didn’t ‘cos I want you
to see me smile as I kiss you
with my arms wrap around you
so tight, then we could slow dance
in our make-believe song



Did I ever get the chance  to tell you, how lovely you look that day
and would it be too late to say
that I loved you then
and love you now?


let’s kiss and stay and don’t you ever go away


A stunning shot of the sunset by my equally stunning 😊daughter, Allana.

They say the best stories of love happens over a sunset, along the highway or in just in the comfort of your own home. And I read somewhere that someday you will find someone who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life.

To all my readers and followers who missed my random lyric writing posts, here’s one for you.

I hope you hum along with the melody with me and smile as we enjoy and navigate into the world of the characters in the song😊😊😊

Feel the love, believe in love ❤❤❤

Amidst all the health scare we are currently facing, one song, one smile, one kiss, or maybe one great love story could be a better way to start our day,  ’till we make it through the sunset.

Written for World of Words (prompt: प्यार, which is Hindi for “love”)

World of Words is a weekly prompt hosted by Jade of Jade M. Wong, (,  Rosemarie of A Reading Writer and Maria of Doodle Scribbles.

Linking to the weekly challenge of Eugenia, Song

Of all the Things



(There are so many good things out there, but the best one is actually just right beside us)

                                                             Of all the Things


Of all the things I adore
your smile I can’t ignore
for it extends to your eyes
and deep into your soul
screaming gently with honesty
and purity 
like a child so innocent
so vibrant
so free


Of all the things I admire
your streaks of gray hair I can’t ignore
for it makes you more attractive
and even charming
screaming softly
with wisdom
and great sense
of maturity


Of all the things I revere
your soft, short bristles I can’t ignore
for it looks perfect on you
screaming delightfully
with joyful interests
and a sincere
of humor


Above all things there is
your warm and comforting
embrace is what makes sense
for it calms my weary heart
screaming for a peaceful
sweetest night
with you



Written and posted for World of Words hosted by Jade Wong
along with Rosemarie of A reading Writer and Maria of Doodle Scribbles. This week, we’re traveling to India with the word Shanta, a Bengali word meaning peaceful, calm.