i never knew light ’till i had to fight for my life to get through.

darkness is my only refuge, my only way to get by.

darkness is what my eyes is familiar of for wearing this mask.

the mask of denial, the mask of conceal, the camouflage mask.

i didn’t realize there is hope ’till you told me i am not doomed.

this mask has taught me to smile even when in great pain and agony.

this mask lead me to trudge hastily to an unfamiliar life terrain.

this mask has made me the person i didn’t wanna be.

there is total darkness with this mask, total blindness of the reality.

this mask oh! this mask i shall let go, i forever will throw.

with you beside me dear light has come and hope is at hand.

Happy World Poetry Day, my dear friends and poets…

In celebration of “World Poetry Day” i urge you all, my fellow poets to take a look at our own writing process.

So many out there have claimed to be poets.

Remember that ‘though anyone and i mean anyone can write poetry; but very few can write poetry with an authentic poet’s mind and heart.

Let us be reminded of how the great poets write their poetry. Their poems are a combination of thought and passion.

Emotions in the pieces they write are analyzed from an intellectual standpoint and passion is balanced out with reasoning and rationalizations. The result is a blending of emotions, intellect and often love.

It is therefore mandatory to ask ourselves of the following:

1. Is the emotion in our poetry derive from an intellectual standpoint? (Or, are we simply nagging/ranting?)

2. Is our poetry a balance of reasoning and rationalization? (Or, we are simply writing because we feel like writing even though our arguments are baseless?)

3. Is our poetry a perfect blend of intellect and emotion? (Or, we are simply writing not even mindful of its impact to our readers/audience?)


our poems should always be a source or inspiration and hope to our readers. And it will only have a solid impact if it is established upon a solid balance of thought and passion.

Your Hello

what is with your “hello,” dear?
that I so long desired to hear

a kind of hello, i used to adore
whenever you’re up and close by the door

the hello that awakened my soul
fulfilled my true heart’s impulse

a kind of hello, i missed and longed for
regardless of the millions i heard over

the hello that soothed my heart
numbed my thoughts, made me forget

a kind of hello, i used to admire and desire
for it echoed your love and passion, I swear

what is with your “hello,” dear?
’twas you saying, I love you, I’m sure

Happy World Poetry Day